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Lamination Bundle

10 customer reviews


The Lamination Bundle is a must-have when it comes to creating Laminated and Fluffy brows. Set your brow hairs in place using the ‘Brow Proof’ Super Hold Brow Glue and then fill in any sparse areas using the Angled Crayon by creating soft, hair-like strokes. You can achieve fuller, fluffier, laminated brows in less than 90 seconds.

Key Benefits Brow Glue:

  • Transparent Glue
  • Brow Lamination
  • 15+ Hour Hold
  • 200+ Applications
  • Water Activated Product

Key Benefits Brow Crayon:

  • Water Proof
  • Smudge Proof
  • Long Lasting / All Day Wear
  • Cruelty Free
  • Rose Gold Detailing

Lamination Bundle Includes:

1 x ‘Brow Proof’ Brow Glue Kit

1 x Eyebrow Crayon

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How To Brow Proof: 

  1. Fill your spray bottle up with water
  2. Spray the spoolie twice with water. Start off with two sprays so you don’t over activate the product and it stays as a ‘paste’ type consistency.
  3. Insert the spoolie into the pot and whirl it around for 5-10 seconds coating the bristles. You should see a thick paste building on the end of the spoolie. Apply the spoolie to the front of your brows (using pressure) ‘press’ and ‘brush’ your hairs in an upward/angled motion to create fluffy brows.
  4. To achieve the laminated brow look, using your finger press your hairs down in the same direction. Don’t be afraid to apply pressure this will ensure your brows are ‘Brow Proof’ and hold in place all day/night.
  5. Using The Brow Technicians angled crayon, to achieve fuller, fluffier brows, fill in any sparse areas by creating hair-like strokes.

What’s Inside The Brow Glue Kit?

1 x Brow Proof Glue (20g)

1 x Spray Bottle

1 x Spoolie Brush

1 x Silk Bag

Contents Comes Packaged.

ShadeTaupe (Blonde/Mousy Brown), Dark Chocolate (Brunette/Dark Hair)

10 reviews for Lamination Bundle

  1. Kelly Ryan

    Name a better duo, I’ll wait…

  2. Nakita

    Absolutely love the design of this product. Great product, can easily achieve the brow lam look with it. And you don’t need to use a lot to get great results!

  3. Sheridan Wade

    BEST EVER!!! Amazing product! Holds shape for hours!!!
    Love everything

  4. Liana

    I have tried a LOT of brow products as I have always struggled to find products strong enough to work for me. This product is by far the strongest I have tried, with not a single brow hair out of place at the end of the day!

  5. Paige Tehan

    Amazing!!!! I started using pears soap then many other brow soap brands that always took a long time to hold the hairs down. This is SO easy to use and so simple. It’s quick to use and highly recommend this product. I love it! Obsessed!!!

  6. Lauren Jenkins

    Why pay for lamination every 6-8 weeks when you can get this product and have perfectly laminated brows in seconds! I use this every day and without a doubt is the best brow product in my kit. Wouldn’t ever go without it now! X

  7. Janelle S

    This bundle is amazing! My brow hairs naturally go in different directions so creating the lamination look has been hard in the past until now. I love the product that much we have ordered some to stock in our salon.

  8. Danni Gilmore

    This is the best thing I’ve used to give my eye brows a quick and easy laminated look. Lasts all day and takes seconds to apply! LOVE THIS LAMINATION KIT 🤍🙌🏻

  9. Brodie Barton

    I love this brow glue. It’s very easy to use and holds all night. It also comes with a handy satin pouch so I can put it in my handbag or travel caseI love this brow glue.

  10. Simone Perry

    I love this product!.. this product doesn’t make your skin sticky and it last all day!.. absolutely amazing

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