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Fluffy Brow Bundles Wholesale


The Fluffy Brow Bundle is a must-have when it comes to creating fluffy and laminated brows. Set your brow hairs in place with the ‘Brow Proof’ Super Hold Brow Glue and then fill in any sparse areas with the Angled Crayon by creating soft, hair-like strokes.

Fluffy Brow Bundle Includes:
10 x ‘Brow Proof’ Brow Glue Kits
10 x Brow Crayons

Please select your bundle shades below. You can get an equal mix of 5 taupe and 5 dark chocolate crayons in the ‘mixed bundles’ or you can select 10 of the same shade.

Eyebrow Glue: Transparent

Price Includes 10% GST Surcharge

SKU: 239382
Category: Wholesale
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Crayon ShadesTaupe Bundles (QTY 10), Dark Chocolate Bundles (QTY 10), Mixed Bundles (QTY 10)

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