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Eyebrow Designer Kit Wholesale


All-in-one compact and portable eyebrow kit. Containing everything you need to design a perfect set of symmetrical eyebrows. Choose among 3 stencils for your desired shape. The flexible material hugs to your brow bone for easy use during application. The dual-ended brow pencil glides easily for quick and easy brow fill in. The 2 compact brow powders allow you to customize your brow shade and can be used for creating the ombré brow technique. Carve and define your arches by using the concealer and brow bone highlighter. Mirror and brushes provided for an easy on-the-go application.

Waterproof | Smudgeproof | Long-lasting | All Skin Types | Portable | Value For Money | Quality | Vegan & Cruelty Free

Cost: $22 | RRP: $49.00 | Profit: $27 | over 100% mark-up

Price Includes 10% GST Surcharge

SKU: 231122
Category: Wholesale
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How To Use The Eyebrow Designer Kit:

  1. There are three stencils inside the kit. Select your desired shape best suited to you. Hold your stencil securely in place with two fingers. Pickup your angled brush, tap into your brow powder (there are two powders to choose from we recommend starting with the lighter shade first to see which you prefer) now fill through your stencil from start to finish. Build up your brows until you no longer need the stencil as a guide. Using the same stencil repeat on the opposite eyebrow.
  2. Using your angled crayon for the front of your brows use the fine tip to create hair like strokes. Begin this at the base of the front of your brow, press the tip down and flick up in the direction of your hair’s natural growth. Continue with this technique in sparse areas. Always continue to use the spoolie on the opposite end to blend the product.
  3. Now remove any smudges by carving out your brows. This step gives you a nice clean, defined arch. Pickup your concealer brush, dip into your concealer and start by creating a line directly underneath at the front of your brows, do this all the way until you reach the end of your tails. Now, using one of your own blending brushes, in a circular motion blend the concealer into your skin until it matches your skin tone.
  4. To finish off your brows make your arches POP by using our Shimmery Champagne Highlighter. Using one of your own makeup brushes, highlight your brow bones. This product is extremely pigmented so you don’t need much. 

Tips To Ensure You Get Value For Money:

Use the highlighter to highlight your cheek bones or any other high points on your face. You can also use this to highlight the inner corner of your eyes. Be sure to make use of the brow powders too these are great for eyeshadow or enhancing your lash line!

ColourTanned QTY 10 (Blondes/Mousy Brown), Medium QTY 10 (Brunette/Dark Hair)


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