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Brow Wow Waterproof Pencil


102 customer reviews

The all-in-one waterproof retractable eyebrow pencil. Voted as one of the best pencils ever used. A custom, non-sharpen angled-tip with a quick and easy glide-on application. Outline, define and fill in sparse areas. Blend with custom-built spoolie for a natural brow finish. 

Key benefits: waterproof, smudge proof, long-lasting, all skin types, matte finish, vegan, cruelty free 

Instrumental testing with 20 makeup artists* – 100% said this brow pencil stayed on all day without smudging or the need to reapply

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How to apply:

Begin by twisting only a small amount of product (about 2–3 millimeters) This allows for total control of the pencil and prevents any breakage of the product. The crayon tip glides effortlessly, minimal pressure is required.

Comb your hairs into place. Start by defining your brow shape. Using the flat edge of the pencil outline the bottom of your brow. Start 2mm across so you don’t good too heavy in the front. Create an outline until you reach the tail. Then using the same flat edge on the top of your eyebrows starting 2mm across outline all the way across to the arch then tail.

Using the spoolie on the opposite end comb and blend the product in the direction of your brows to soften the outlines.

Fill in any gaps and sparse areas by applying the pencil in a flicking motion in the direction of your hair’s natural growth. 

Taupe: Suitable For Blonde/Mousy Brown Hair (Includes Taupe Pencil)

Dark Chocolate: Suitable For Brunette/Dark Hair (Includes Dark Chocolate Pencil)

ShadeTaupe (Blonde/Mousy Brown), Dark Chocolate (Brunette/Dark Hair)

102 reviews for Brow Wow Waterproof Pencil

  1. Kelly Ryan

    So pigmented. The best on the market!
    Pro tip: pair with the brow glue for the perfect brows 😍

  2. Amanda

    I absolutely LOVE the brow crayon! I have been using it for 3 weeks & I have had so many compliments. The shape it gives, the colour & the way it glides in is beautiful.

  3. Emma Carr

    This is by far the best brow product I have ever used. It goes on well and lasts all day. It’s also very easy to apply. Absolutely love it!

  4. Makemeup Elyse

    I love this brow crayon! The colour is perfect for my brows. So easy to use and great for creating hair strokes.

  5. Makemeup_elyse

    I love this brow crayon, perfect colour for my brows and so easy to use. Great for creating hair strokes.

  6. Leteisha Howell

    I love my brow crayon. It’s such an easy and versatile product, easy to use and blends out perfectly.
    I use mine every day!

  7. Leteisha Howell

    I started using the eyebrow crayon a few months ago and find it super easy to use and easy to blend out for a more natural look.
    Can’t fault it at all.

  8. Leteisha Howell

    I started using the eyebrow crayon a few months ago an do love how easy it is to use. The angled tip provides precision in my application and the formula is really versatile so if I make a mistake it’s super easy to fix by blending.
    I have 2 now and I love them

  9. Leteisha Howell

    I started using the eyebrow crayon a few months ago an do love how easy it is to use. The angled tip provides precision in my application and the formula is really versatile so if I make a mistake it’s super easy to fix by blending.
    I have 2 now and I can’t fault it!

  10. Olivia

    Absolutely obsessed with this product. It is so easy to use, so smooth to apply and stays on all day and is the perfect brown! I highly recommend!

  11. Sophie

    Such a brilliant invention! I’ve used a number of crayons in the past and this one is just phenomenal. The crayon itself is super smooth and easy to use but can be smudged and spread out if need be, and also easy to wipe away and tidy up too! Plus the spoolie end is brilliant and having it all put together so compact makes it super easy to have in your bag for touch ups

  12. Jade

    Absolutely looovvveeeee these products and it’s a must have when doing my brows. I can’t do my makeup without it and it lasts for hours 😍

  13. Venessa

    I love this brow pencil ! It is so easy to apply and gives an all over coverage that lasts for 24 hours !!

  14. Venessa

    I love this brow pencil ! It is so easy to apply and gives an all over coverage that lasts for 24 hours ! It is simply amazing !

  15. Venessa

    I love this brow pencil ! It is so easy to apply and gives an all over coverage that lasts for 24 hours ! It is simply AMAZING 🤩🤩🤩

  16. Michaela H

    Genuinely my fav brow pencil. Such amazing quality and so affordable

  17. Louise

    This brow crayon is my daily go to brow filler, the colour match is perfect and so long lasting. So easy to use, we love this product!!

  18. Susan

    Honestly I never really used a crayon type brow pencil before using this one and I don’t know why because I Absolutely love it so much!

  19. Nikki

    This is such a great brow pencil. It glides on easily and lasts all day. Definitely recommend.

  20. Emma

    This is my daily go to for quick and easy brows! I lobe how easy it is to apply then go over with the brush for killer brows. It’s long lasting too so I know my brows will be good all day long!

  21. Sarah

    LOVE this brow pencil! Creamy enough for pigment to stick to the skin and hairs and it has a waxy texture which holds them up at the same time – killing two birds with one stone love it!

  22. Amy Ramsay

    Love my eyebrow pencil, perfect size, the glide is perfect and applies like a dream. I highly recommend and will forever be my favourite! I always get compliments on my brows whenever I use

  23. Ebony

    I received my eyebrow crayon and omg wow game changer! It is amazing and makes my brows look like they’re freshly tattooed! If you haven’t bought it, you better!

  24. Emel Cay

    My fav go-to brow product! I always get asked what I use on my brows as it’s so natural looking. So easy to use and all I need to achieve perfect brows every time!

  25. Em Ozcan

    My fav go-to brow product! I always get asked what I use on my brows as it’s so natural looking. So easy to use and all I need to achieve perfect brows every time!

  26. Em Ozcan

    My fav daily go-to brow product! I always get asked what I use on my brows as it’s so natural looking. So easy to use and all I need to achieve perfect brows every time!

  27. Jenny Vaka

    My go to brow crayon 🙌🏾 Goes on so smoothly & easily. Love that the other end has a brush.

  28. Paris

    I absolutely love this brow pencil! They are so smooth to apply and match the colour of my brow hair perfectly! It also lasts all day and night so definitely will be back for more!

  29. Shelby

    My all time favourite brow crayon! So easy to use and absolutely looks amazing on my brows!

  30. Gretchen

    It is soooo easy to use for a newbie like me

  31. Caitlin T

    Could not recommend this product enough! I have been using it religiously. I have actually have finished 2 separate ones, I have not found any other product that compares to it. . It glides on so smoothly, it’s so creamy and pigmented and so easy to use! Absolutely love it 🥰

  32. Caitlin

    This is the most incredible brow crayon I have ever used! My brows have never looked so good. The crayon is so easy to use and applies so smoothly. It even lasts me all day 🥰

  33. Nakita

    Really pigmented and easy to use!

  34. Love this brow pencil!

    Absolute best brown crayon I’ve used! The colour is a great match and it’s so creamy and easy to use!

  35. Beautybloggerbb

    This is such a universal brow pencil, it’s not to thin ( you know the ones that snap )or to thick !
    the shade matched perfectly. My brows looked amazing 🤩

  36. Helen

    This brow crayon is easy to use and is long lasting! Great product!

  37. Emilie

    Genuinely my favourite brow crayon ever! I’ve used many, and paid $$ for the high end babies, and loved them the most until this one came along and deadset beat all the others. Lucky I had a backup because I was genuinely so, so sad the day my first one ran out! Will absolutely repurchase and can highly recommend.

  38. Sally pardes

    I have used this brow crayon, it’s super easy to use! The way it’s designed it helps you to shape your eyebrows like professionals. The texture is perfect for eyebrows, it’s not too soft not too hard it’s just perfect to shape your brows with and lasts all day. Lovely products, highly recommend😊

  39. Teyla Day

    Brow pencil is Defs great for defining those fine hair strokes! I like using a blend of this and the powder from the kit especially for clients with thinner brows!

  40. Anam

    This cryon will change how u draw ur brows.. It makes the brows look so natural and defined. Use the brush on the other end to blend the color together and there u go! Perfect blended beautiful brows. This product is so worth the money and lasts you so long. Love it 💕

  41. Ainartistic

    LOVE my brow pencil, it goes everywhere with me! It so quick and easy to use and it actually lasts all day! Could not recommend this product enough!

  42. Luci


    Sweat proof, life proof amazing crayon that doesn’t budge until you make it budge. Just glides on perfectly lifting your brow game. Perfect spool on the opposite end to tame and organize those brows

  43. nikita kosti

    Favourite brow product i’ve ever used! makes it so easy to perfect your brows!!

  44. Bec S

    So easy to use and long lasting. I love this crayon!

  45. Denise Ghiglione

    The best eye brows product! I’m a “beginner” with make up and always I get the perfect shape!
    Life and beauty changer 🖤

  46. Brooklyn

    By far the best pencil I’ve used for my brows! So easy to use, lightweight on the brows but gives such an amazing and full look and not to mention long lasting. Perfect thing to make your brows look gorgeous.

  47. Monique

    What a fabulous addition to my everyday routine, completely obsessed with this brow pencil ❤️

  48. Stephanie

    LOVE my brow pencil, it goes everywhere with me! It so quick and easy to use and it actually lasts all day!

  49. Ashlee

    I use this brow pencil everyday. It’s super easy and quick to use and the colour is spot on. It’s my go to when I’m seriously in a rush but need to look a bit more polished! Highly recommend

  50. Annelise Kumri

    I love this eyebrow crayon! It’s absolutely the best one I’ve ever owned. Definitely obsessed 🤩

  51. Jordan

    Absolutely the easiest brow crayon I’ve ever used. It goes on dark but blends in so well and seamlessly. It’s so easy to use too!

  52. Ivy

    Honestly so amazing!! One of the best brow pencils I own!

  53. Denise Ghiglione

    The best product! Normally I apply it at 6 am and stay on all day long! Totally recommend for beginners and make up artists 💗

  54. Huda

    In LOVE with this brow crayon. It’s super easy for beginners aswell.

  55. Tijana

    Easy to use, Great colour and lasts! Personally I like a thinner brow crayon/pencil but this is an all time fav

  56. Ani

    I love this product, it was very easy to use and super smooth application.

  57. Bronnee

    I couldn’t recommend this product and highly than I do! It is honestly incredible. It is the perfect shade for me personally, you can apply as much or as little as you want and it still give you the perfect eyebrows.

    It is so durable and easy to use!

  58. Bronnee

    This product is honestly amazing! I could recommend it any highly.

    It is so durable and will stay on all day! The shade too (for me) is the absolute PERFECT match ❤️

  59. Logan Cook

    Obsessed with this brow crayon! It is so easy to use and the coverage and wear is amazing! Never going anywhere else for my brows!

  60. Aimee

    I absolutely love this, and love how my brows look

  61. Chloe

    Favourite brow accessory 😍
    I always have this in my bag ready to go – easy, quick, perfect brows

  62. Rhienna

    Absolutely in love with my new brow crayon, it’s so smooth and easy to apply and stays on all day!

  63. Georgia

    Obsessed with this brown crayon! It stays put all day and super easy to apply

  64. Kate

    Omg this is my everyday bestie!! So easy and quick to use

  65. Bec

    Love this crayon eyebrow pencil. I highly recommend this item so much.
    I use this everyday it glides on easy and doesn’t wipe off.
    I’m currently using the last of my eyebrow pencil and will be buying again.

  66. Chloe Sacco

    Hands down the best brow crayon I’ve used. So easy to use with just one small product you get an amazing results! Highly recommend 🙂

  67. Jo

    Hands down best eyebrow crayon I’ve ever used. Easy to apply and long lasting

  68. Beautyandmybub

    This is one of the best brow products I ve ever used! It’s so so good! This should be sold at Sephora and Mecca !

  69. Shaye Pramee

    Such an amazing product! And long lasting!

  70. Cass beric

    Super happy with the results from the brow technicians crayon pencil! I love how its super smooth when applied and it’s easy to use!

  71. Alli

    This kit is everything you need! I use to get my brows done once a fortnight however since purchasing the kit from TBT I no longer do this. It literally takes me 5 minutes of a morning, it lasts all day and is really simple to use. Best purchase ever, If you don’t have one, trust me when I say you need one! #thankmelater

  72. Kim McNamara

    Love the eyebrow kit, I have had for a couple of months now, the smudge proof, waterproof crayon, glides on easily and together with the stencils, gives me perfect eyebrows every time, that lasts all day. Great product so easy & fast to apply.

  73. Cathi

    Amazing product at a amazing price.. I’ve used other products and nothing compares to this..
    thanks Brown Technicians for producing such great products..

  74. Cathi Lampi

    Omg, love love these products.. so easy to apply and last so long…
    I’ve tried many other products but nothing has been as good as this product and at an affordable price. Thanks Brow Technicians for putting out such a great product..

  75. Alli

    I absolutely love this crayon! It saves me every day, I’ve been the kind of girl that has to wax and have hers tinted fortnightly. Since having this crayon, I’ve not had to do this. It’s so simple & easy to do, the tutorials by the team at TBT are also really helpful. If you don’t have one, get one- you won’t look back!

  76. @sarahmcmaster.mua

    Absolutely hands down the BEST brow crayon I have ever used. This product will forever be my holy grail and I need to have it in my life forever. So quick and easy to apply, and it doesn’t move all day long! Also the perfect colour for a dirty blonde AND brunette as the colour changes with the pressure you apply! Basically I’m obsessed. And that’s from a professional MUA!

  77. Yorke

    Love the brow it. Has everything you need in it, from a highlighter to stencils and much more.
    The brow crayon is so creamy and so pigmented so it’s super easy to work with.

  78. Mary Viturino

    I’m Obsessed with the brow crayon. I use it everyday. I normally don’t like using makeup. So I just moisturise my skin and fix my brows with the crayon so quickly and then I’m good to go to work.
    I like that is thick and in the perfect shape to fill the brows nice and smoothly. The best part is that it looks natural.

  79. Amanda

    I love the brow crayon, I have been using the dark chocolate one for 2 weeks now and I am obsessed. It glides on easily, is smudge proof and lasts all day. I find that my brows still look perfect even after a hard day of work and sweat. Highly recommend!

  80. Emily

    Best brow crayon on the market! it’s so easy to use and very pigmented! You can build up the product in your brows which i love! I love when brow crayons have a spoolie on the opposite end because it just makes application 10x easier! Definitely a staple in my makeup kit and something i reach for nearly every day! 😍

  81. Peta Smith

    BEST BROW CRAYON EVER and I’ve used a lot… glides on so smoothly and has such a buildable colour capacity, this stays in my kit permanently and all my clients are always in love with their brows when this is used 10/10 xx

  82. Vvn_makeup

    This eyebrow crayon is a dream!! It glides on so easily and stays on all day and all night. Can’t go without this product in my kit.

  83. Tarryn S

    This is the best eyebrow crayon I have ever used and I have used MANY being a makeup artist. It’s creamy texture makes it easy when applying it to your skin. You hardly need any pressure when drawing on your brows. It holds all day and is sweat proof! bonus!

  84. Lynette

    I had been paying $70 for a brow crayon that was not anywhere near as effective as this! It is not true that the more you spend the better the quality… This brow crayon is amazing, it holds all day and is completely smudge proof. I have tried so many and this is by far the best. I’m so glad I discovered The Brow Technicians at Pacific Fair Shopping Centre.

  85. Brydie

    These best brow product for a quick and easy effective brow that holds all day! My favourite crayon! I use these brow products on all of my clients 🙂

  86. Suzie

    If you want a product that doesn’t move all day, even after a gym session then this is your GO-TO!! Honestly the best crayon I’ve ever used.

  87. Jenna Mcguire

    My go-to brow product everyday. This crayon is so easy to use and holds all day/night. It’s a must have 😍

  88. Renata

    I love the product! I use it everyday it’s a must in my routine literally so creamy and so easy too use! Highly recommend

  89. Jessica Newman

    This crayon came inside the brow kit and I did not expect it to be as good as it was! Now I have stocked up and ordered an extra 2 for my makeup bag, highly recommend this brow product.

  90. Tamara

    I have ashy blonde hair and I can never find a nice taupe crayon. This taupe crayon is the best. It’s easy to apply, holds all day and is the perfect colour for my ashy blonde hair. It has no warmth to it, only cool tones which I find hard to find when searching for brow products. This is my new go-to!

  91. Genevieve

    Honestly, eyebrow pencils are NEVER any good. They never apply to the skin easily. My girlfriend is a makeup artist and used this on me and I have never gone back since! BEST CRAYON

  92. Sarah Doyle

    Okay if you are looking for a quick brow product to use in the mornings thats affective then you need this. I can do both my brows in under 60 seconds and they look amazing.

  93. Alyssa Panozzo

    I LOVE THIS CRAYON !! So easy to use and such an amazing colour ! I found it so so easy to use especially with the stencils to line your brows! 10/10 😍

  94. Steph

    IN LOVE with the brow crayon! It’s so creamy and easy to use, it’s already my favourite brow product! It lasts all day & is by far the best brow crayon I’ve used! I highly recommend.

  95. Theadora Skoufis MUA

    The best eyebrow pencil EVER! This pencil just glides on the brow so much easier than other brow product. With this product you can achieve a nice ombre brow and sharp brow look. I would also recommend to people who are just starting out as MUAS as this is a real easy product to use ! I couldn’t achieve my sharp brows without this !!!!

  96. Tayla

    Literally the ONLY brow products I use!! The most amazing products and so easy to apply! Highly recommend

  97. Sarah Peart Beauty

    This product is a must for anyone on the go!! The thin square angled tip makes this product perfect for fine detail strokes in the perfect fluffy precision brow. The product is absolutely incredible for long wear as I have found that it is sweat and water-resistant. The product is dual-ended with a retractable crayon end and a spoolie brush end, making it a perfect transportable brow product for on-the-go use. ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!! 😍

  98. Makeup By Millie

    Could not recommend this product enough! I have been using it religiously the past week. It glides on so smoothly, it’s so creamy and pigmented and so easy to use. It is very convenient with the dual end, one side an eyebrow brush, the other the crayon. Loveeee it 🥰🥰

  99. Brooke

    I have no idea what I’m doing when it comes to make up but let me tell you this brow pencil is magic & so easy to use even for me & creates the perfect full brow in a minute! I was so happy with it & the price paired with the quality is phenomenal. Also the tutorials available on their socials are so helpful.

  100. Vicky

    The best eyebrow crayon I’ve ever used by far! It literally glides on your skin, it’s so easy to apply. Lasts all day, from work, to the gym, whatever I do, it stays on. I highly recommend it. Amazing product!!

  101. Kaitlin

    These pencils are amazing!! I have the Taupe, they are smooth when applying and last all day. The best pencil I have come across in a long time and used with the brow kit, make for a must have !

  102. Lainey

    Absolutely obsessed with this product!! So easy to use, durable and long lasting after wearing it all day. Seriously it’s the perfect makeup tool for creating beautiful bold brows. Love love love

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