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All-In-One Brow Kit Beginner & Brow Experts


187 customer reviews

The all-in-one Eyebrow Designer Kit. Whether you are a beginner or brow expert this kit is a staple in everyone’s makeup bag. If you struggle with the shape of your brows and don’t know where to begin this brow kit will be your new go-to. With everything compact and all in the one place it takes the guess work out of it. All the compact products are versatile and can be used on any area of the face. Bang for buck! Tips: use the highlighter on your cheek bones and the powders as eyeshadows! #valueformoney

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Key benefits: waterproof, smudge proof, long-lasting, all skin types, portable, compact, vegan and cruelty free

Instrumental testing with 20 makeup artists* – 100% said this eyebrow kit gave them symmetrical eyebrows when using the stencils.

Step-by-step guide:

  1. There are three stencils inside the kit. Select your desired shape. Hold your stencil securely in place with two fingers. Pickup your angled brush, tap into your brow powder (there are two powders to choose from we) fill through your stencil from start to finish. Build up your brows until you no longer need the stencil as a guide. Using the same stencil repeat on the opposite eyebrow.
  1. Using your angled pencil. Very lightly (minimal pressure) outline and define your shape. On the opposite end of the pencil use the custom-built spoolie to comb and blend the product to remove any harsh lines. To fill in sparse areas apply the pencil in a flicking motion in the direction of your hair’s natural growth.
  1. Pickup your concealer brush, dip into your concealer and start by carving a line directly underneath at the front of your brows, all the way until you reach the end of your tails. This helps correct any mistakes by removing any smudges. Now, using one of your own makeup blending brushes (a clean eyeshadow brush is fine) in a circular motion blend the concealer into your skin until it matches your skin tone.
  1. To finish off your brows make your arches POP by using our Shimmery Champagne Highlighter. Using one of your makeup brushes (or eyeshadow brush), highlight your brow bones. Now you have perfectly arched eyebrows!

Tanned: Suitable For Blonde/Mousy Brown Hair (Includes Taupe pencil)

Medium: Suitable For Brunette/Dark Hair (Includes Dark Chocolate pencil)

ColourTanned (Blonde/Mousy Brown), Medium (Brunette/Dark Hair)

187 reviews for All-In-One Brow Kit Beginner & Brow Experts

  1. Rachel

    I was a little nervous about how I’d go with this kit… but it was honestly so easy to use and my brows always look great!

  2. Lauren

    This kit has everything you need to create amazing brows! And super easy too- anyone can create great brows in moments! Recommend for anyone who needs help creating their perfect brow!

  3. Sarah

    What an amazing product! Super easy to use and such a fun way to change up your brows. Love using the products as eyeshadows/highlighters too!

  4. Madi

    I love this product!!!
    This eyebrow kit is the perfect secret weapon for creating flawless, snatched brows! The stencils are beautifully shaped and super helpful when in a rush. The brow pencil and powders are super pigmented and easily blendable to the brow. Packaging is perfect as it is an all in one kit, so easy to take on the go. The highlighter is stunning and can be used not only under the brow bone, but for the eyes and cheeks too. Great product and a super helpful tool!!

  5. Jennifer Ellis

    The brow kit is fabulous! I love the stencils, they make creating symmetry so quick and easy and the powder lasts you all day. It’s also rare to get a great brunette shade that doesnt lean too warm/red, and this one is spot on. Recommend 👌

  6. Naomi Little

    Absolutely love my Brow kit! It’s so easy to use and quick. It’s lasting a long time also which is a bonus for me! Highly recommend ❤️

  7. Tori Castner

    Such an amazing Product just what I was after to make my brows look perfect! Love Love Love

  8. Jessk

    Super easy to use! Creates the perfect brow shape and shade

  9. Chloe aunger

    Absolutely loving this eyebrow kit !! Super easy and quick to use + great results!!!

  10. Krisha Napit

    This is the first brow glue I ever used and have been in love with it ever since. It holds my downturned brows up all day until I take it off. Highly recommend!

  11. Leanne

    Love this brow kit so quick and easy to use

  12. Leanne

    Love this brow kit so easy to use.

  13. Crystal

    This is honestly the best and easiest ways to get your brows looking perfect! Comes with everything you need in a compact little kit so no more looking for different products! Absolutely love it!

  14. Madds

    This brow kit is so simple to use and has everything you need, they were kind enough to send it over to me and I’m in love! It’s in my daily makeup routine now and my brows have never looked better🤩🤩

  15. Madds

    This brow kit is so simple to use and has everything you need, they were kind enough to send it over to me and I’m in love! It’s in my daily makeup routine now and my brows have never looked better🤩

  16. Shirin

    The best brow kit I’ve ever tried, highly recommend amazing

  17. Shirin

    The best brow kit I’ve ever tried, highly recommend

  18. Kelly Matejcic

    Hands down the best eyebrow products I’ve ever used!! This kit is a must have! The stencils are a game changer and I’m really in love with the powders and the little application brush it comes with! 10/10 highly recommend!!

  19. Helen

    I’m in love with this kit and it’s my go-to when I work with the clients. Perfect colour selection, concealer and highlighter in one convenient package. Stencils are great for creating an amazing symmetrical brow shape. Highly recommended

  20. Zara

    This product is everything you need in one spot. You can choose your share, highlight and work the cream and powder into a pomade for the brow. I did find the pencil breaks a fair bit but it’s easy enough to put it back in the pencil and wind up as it’s a flat pencil.

  21. Jnh

    Amazing products!! They are so easy to use and with the completed look i got so many compliments!!

  22. Megan

    Such a quick and easy product to use! My favourite brow product ever

  23. Sumz

    This brow kit was so quick and easy to use. I never have to go to the salon again because I can now do my own brows at home.

  24. GG

    Loved using the kit especially the brow pencil. ❤️

  25. Ashlee

    This is such an amazing kit for both makeup novices as well as the pro MUA! Everything you need in one 🙌🏼 An absolute staple

  26. Taylor

    Loved the pigments of the pallets. I paired it with end my angled brush to get a crispy finish 🙂

  27. Tian

    Absolutely love this brow kit! So easy to follow and use. The colors are so pigmented too!

  28. Logan

    This brow kit is my absolute favourite and I would be lost without it! Everything is here to achieve the perfect brow you want and so easy to use 🙌🏼😍

  29. Lace

    I absolutely love this Brow Kit! I literally use it every day it comes with everything you need for the perfect brow.

  30. Chanelle

    This brow kit is perfect! If you’re a makeup artist looking for a versatile product to do brows with then this is it! You get 3 different shades to work with and can also mix to get your desired colour while also getting a highlighter shade to highlight your brow bone making them pop even more! If you’re a beginner you will be loving the stencils provided to help navigate shaping and styling the brows 🙌🏻

  31. Emma Carr

    Love this brow kit! Especially the highlighter that comes with it. Adds such a Nice pop under the browns. Easy to apply too.

  32. Makemeup_elyse

    These brow kits are the best thing ever! They were kind enough to send me both colours to try out and I use them all the time on myself and clients. You can’t go wrong with these kits. I have over plucked brows but with these kits they look full and fluffy – just so easy to use. Highly recommend!

  33. Leteisha Howell

    This kit has been a game changer for me. I’ve always been really good at my makeup application but have always struggled with brows and this product has made that soo much easier for me with their stencils!
    Soo easy and helpful! Brows are definitely on point Nowa

  34. Olivia

    This is the perfect kit! Best brow stencil shapes! So easy to use and will give you the perfect brow in no time! Absolutely love it! Highly recommend this kit 🙌🏻

  35. Sophie

    Ok everyone NEEDS this kit in their life. It has everything you need, super easy to use and very compact altogether. Whether you are a beginner, novice or top notch makeup artist, this kit equips you with all you need for flawless brows on fleek in minutes, every time! I’m obsessed. Love how natural they are too, I get a beautiful finish every time and don’t use anything else for my brows any more. In love!!

  36. Jade

    Love this product so easy to use and it helps you get the perfect shaped eyebrows with their amazing stencils 😍👏🏼

  37. Kristy F

    This is the first time I have used a brow kit and it was so fun and easy to use . Love it !!
    So quick to add gorgeous brows to my routine even as a busy mum.

  38. Kristy F

    This is the first time I have used a brow kit and it was so fun and easy to use . Love it !!
    So quick to add gorgeous brows to my routine even as a busy mum.

  39. Michaela H

    Best brow kit ever! Just as good (if not better) as high end makeup and so affordable

  40. the_wilson_brothers

    Excellent brow kit 🤩🤩🤩It is so simple to use and takes no longer than 5 minutes to perfect my eyebrows and what is even better is that the coverage lasts for at least 24 hours !!

  41. Venessa

    Excellent brow kit 🤩🤩🤩It is so simple to use and takes no longer than 5 minutes to perfect my eyebrows and what is even better is that the coverage lasts for at least 24 hours !!

  42. Louise

    Absolutely love this brow palette, its never been so quick and simple to shape and fill my brows. This palette is so simple to use and comes with everything you need to perfect your brows!! I haven’t used any other brow product since discovering the brow technicians. Highly recommend xxx

  43. Susan

    I was lucky enough to be gifted this set and I’m not great with makeup and all that but liked how simple and straight forward it was had stencils to even help shape out the brows love that!! It’s such an amazing kit for any level of makeup knowledge ❤️

  44. Nikki

    I’m not one to do too much with my brows tbh but this kit makes it so easy to create perfect looking brows when I want to. It is especially great for beginners! Invest in one of these as you will love it!

  45. Emma

    Best kit ever for brows! It’s so easy to use especially for beginners like me who have zero experience with nice brows. Long lasting products so you know these brows will see you through the day! Definitely a must have for your make up kit.

  46. Jenny Vaka

    Loving the brow kit 🙌🏾 Has absolutely everything you need in a kit. Super easy to use and a great size, not too big/too small.

  47. Paris

    I love this brow kit, it goes everywhere with me because it has everything my brows need!! I also love that it has a concealer because that is a crucial step in my brow routine. Would highly recommend to everyone!

  48. Shelby

    This kit is perfect for doing brows! You have everything you need to create flawless brows. The quality is amazing and looks great!

  49. Jaz

    The brow powders were beautiful. Sat on my skin nicely, were long wearing and the highlight shade was so versatile to use in eyeshadow looks and on the tops of my cheek!

    I found the brow crayon didn’t work for me as I’m used to a thin brow crayon with a softer finish. But the little mascara wand made it easy to buff out .

    This whole kit is very easy for someone who has trouble with their brows as it comes with stencils !

  50. Maddison

    I am loving mine!
    Totally obsessed! 🥰🥰🥰

  51. Nakita

    such a good variety of shades! really pigmented too!

  52. Emilie

    Big big fan of this kit! LOVE that it contains the Brow Crayon too! So many products, so much value.

    The powders are soft, beautiful tones and last beautifully in my brows, and let’s talk about that highlight! Wow wow wow!!

    Incredible kit!

  53. Teyla Day

    This brow kit makes things so easy for those who struggle finding their own shape, I like using this kit for clients and travel! The kit powders and crayon work well together adds that hair texture 🙌🏽!!

  54. Anam

    This kit is absolutely amazing! Ive been using it for all my makeup clients and they love how defined and natural the brows look with these products. So easy and quick to use and your brows look on point 💕 Highly recommended. Love this kit and the beautiful girls behind this amazing idea 💕

  55. Ainartistic

    This kit is an absolute Life Changer!
    I love that it comes with everything you will need for the perfect eye brows doing at them at home. This kit is so easy to use, and it is seriously a Beautiful Brow Kit!!
    The stencils are extremely helpful, and in the kit the stencils comes in three different sizes to choose from, & this guarantees that you’ll a best shape for yourself to be suited to shape your Brows really nice!!

    The brow powder lasts all day and the crayon is also super easy to use. I love that it comes with a compact concealer to tidy up under your brows and also a highlighter for the popping up.
    Brow pencil is also an absolute love 💗

  56. Luci

    Aaaaaamazing. Perfect for beginners & make up enthusiasts. You can’t go wrong with the eyebrow kit. 3 stencils for different shape brows that are quite simple to use. I love the brow highlighter and brown compact for my eyebrows. I haven’t been to my beautician in over 6 months

  57. Nikki

    These brow kits are amazing!
    Especially the brow crayons. As a makeup artist, I do prefer a crayon over powder on myself, and these crayons work wonders. I do love using the brow powders for my clients 💖

  58. enjoync

  59. Monique

    This kit makes getting your eyebrows on point every single time 🙌 obsessed with mine

  60. Stephanie

    This eyebrow kit literally has everything you need to create the perfect brow!

  61. Ashlee

    This kit has absolutely everything you need to create perfect brows quickly. The stencils help to create the ideal shape and indicate where you may need to fill in a bit more. The highlighter is just the right amount of shimmer. Love this product, and how affordable it is! Well done 👏🏼

  62. Jordan

    The easiest most beautiful brow kit I’ve ever used. It literally takes 4 minutes to do my eyebrows and they loook like they’ve been professionally done 😍

  63. Ivy

    Brows have never been so perfect and easy!! Get your hands on this kit!! Highly recommended

  64. Huda

    Get your hands on this kit ASAP, I promise you won’t regret 😍 I use this for myself and on my clients.

  65. Bronnee

    This is the most convenient and easy kit I have ever laid eyes on!

    It gives you the perfect brow shape and is so simple to use.

    I can’t pick a single thing bad about it- and honestly recommend EVERYONE to use this

  66. Logan Cook

    Everybody needs this kit in their life!! The application process is so simple and clean! My brows are flawless every time! I’m never looking at another brow kit ever again, this is the one and only!!!

  67. Aimee

    This is such an amazing kit!! Absolute game changer

  68. Chloe

    I can honestly say I use this kit everyday and absolutely love it!! Easiest kit to make perfect brows

  69. Rhienna

    This brow kit is a must have! So easy and quick to use, such good value for money. Highly recommend

  70. Kate

    Such an amazing kit! I use this when im doing a full makeup look or something extra glam. The crayon is great for a quick everyday look

  71. Bec

    This brow kit is a must! I love it so much it comes with everything you need to shape your brows. Highly recommend 🧡

  72. Beautyandmybub

    This is one of the best brow pencils I ve ever used! This should be sold at Mecca or Sephora seriously so so so good!

  73. Jo

    This kit is amazing. So easy to use with great results

  74. Jo

    This eyebrow kit is amazing. Easy to use with great results

  75. Shaye

    This honestly changed my life! Amazing product and long lasting. My eyebrows have never looked better

  76. Cass Beric

    This has completely changed my life! I used to take up to 30 minutes to get my brows perfect, now it only takes me 2 minutes just by using there stencils!

  77. nicole

    Game Changer!!!!!!

    I can now do my brows without the stencil as the brow kit teaches you everything, if i want my brows absolutely on fire, i use the stencil, seriously this product will change your brow life!!!

  78. Tasheena

    Love this brow kit! Perfect colour and shape for my brows. I have been using this everyday and obsessed with it!

  79. Jasmine

    I highly recommend this, it’s was very easy to use and made my brows look so good ! I love the formula of the powders they are so pigmented !!

  80. Zebby

    Great brow kit! It’s got everything in the kit from the utensils until concealer and highlight powder.

  81. Megan kennedy

    The most beautiful packaged eyebrow kit I’ve ever used! Not only that but the Quality of the products are amazing and it makes doing my brows so easy and effortlessly 🥰🥰🥰

  82. Chelsea

    This kit is great it has literally everything you need to sculpt a perfect brow!

  83. makeupbykiri_

    Amazing! Have never tried a full brow kit before and the brow technicians kit make brows so much easier! I have very full big brows and i’m still able to use all products. The crayon is so silky smooth to apply and brush out, the concealer is creamy and the powder and highlighters are the perfect finisher. Full brows or sparse brows, I highly recommend to anyone!

  84. Kiri S

    Amazing! Have never tried a full brow kit before and the brow technicians kit make brows so much easier! I have very full big brows and i’m still able to use all products. The crayon is so silky smooth to apply and brush out, the concealer is creamy and the powder and highlighters are the perfect finisher. Full brows or sparse brows, I highly recommend to anyone!

  85. Glambyambii

    Honestly can’t express enough how quick and easy this kit is to use. Love every bit of it! You’ll get flawless brows within minutes. The stencils are my favourite to get a perfect even shape! Super impressed 😍😍

  86. Lilly

    I absolutely love this product, this has made getting ready so much easier. I have been using this everyday since I got it in the mail. And the company is so beautiful. 💓

  87. Petra

    This brow kit is EVERYTHING! So each to use, such a good colour match and def my go to brow product 😍

  88. Sophia

    If you want to get the perfect brows this is definitely the kit to get. It has absolutely everything you need to do your eyebrows. It is one of the best brow products I’ve used. Because you can get a natural brow look to more of a fuller brow look :))

  89. Lauren

    Absolutely love using this brow kit, I found it so easy to apply! I now use it daily.

  90. Charmaine

    This brow kit is beyond amazing!! I have micro bladed brows but between touch ups I cannot recommend this enough. It is definitely my go to now and I will definitely be recommending and purchasing again.
    Thank you for making such an incredible product that is so simple to use as well.

  91. Dominique

    I have oily skin and have always found that previous products don’t hold all day. These brow products don’t move. Now I don’t need to touch up my brows during my lunch break. winning!

  92. Jessica

    My eyebrows were always off balance and I could NEVER get them the same. These stencils are a life saver

  93. Hayley

    This kit is so easy to use and perfect for beginners like me! I had no idea how to shape my brows until I used this brow kit.

  94. Chelsea Mitchell

    INCREDIBLE! I no longer get my brows professionally done when I can fill them in every better and they stay on point all day long – no touch up needed! Recommending to all my friends x

  95. Kohar

    This kit is perfect for MUAS and people that are in a hurry, or beginners. Comes in multiple shades and I love it! The brow pen is so creamy. And the shadows are quite pigmented which is great as it won’t take much time and product to get the brows on 😍

    I am happy with this product. Came really quick as well and had amazing service / experience 💜💜

  96. Monette Belle

    This kit is such a great idea. I have odd shaped eyebrows always and the stencil definitely helps with making them look even.

  97. Tamara

    This brow kit is so handy! It has literally everything you need for your brows, and the pigmentation of the brow powders is absolutely amazing. A definite must have in your collection!

  98. Nikky

    This is by far the best brow product I have ever used. What a game changer ! So pigmented ! Obsessed

  99. Jen M

    This kit is seriously the best thing that ever happened to my eyebrows. Perfect for busy mums like myself. Beautiful, even eyebrows anytime, anywhere!

  100. Angela

    A wonderful palette with everything you need to create your perfect brow, from natural and minimal to a full glam brow. The crayon is creamy and easy to blend with the spoolie which is conveniently on the opposite side. Would 100% recommend!

  101. Jessica Peters

    Amazing product! My brows look full and flawless, not too pigmented so it doesn’t look heavy!

  102. Narissa

    The eyebrow designer kit is amazing! High quality, affordable and its highly pigmented which means you get good use out of the kit. Highly recommend!

  103. Narissa

    This kit is amazing! I got the medium brown kit and its the perfect shade for my brows! The kit is high quality and affordably priced! I highly recommend it!

  104. brony

    Okay if you’re like me and a busy mum of 3 then you would know we do not get a second for ourselves… I normally just leave my eyebrows because it takes me at least 20 minutes to get them the same. This brow kit has changed my life, I can get perfectly balanced brows in under 5 minutes with these stencils. It has changed my life. Literally.

  105. Amani Mostafa

    I absolutely love my @thebrowtechnicians This is one of my absolute favourite brow product as its very easy to use. The powder is long lasting and adds the perfect dimension to your brows. And I absolutely love the Brow Crayon, it’s very creamy and blendable specially for the ombré brow look.

  106. Danni

    I’m absolutely loving the Brow Technicians product. Simple and easy to use and the colour palate is fabulous.

  107. Tasheena

    Love this kit! I have very light brows and this kit turns them into masterpieces.

  108. Lia Martello

    this kit is incredible for artists or starting out with makeup! it’s very versatile and convenient i’m so obsessed, definitely recommend xx

  109. Lia Martello

    As a freelance makeup artist, i tend to travel a lot and work with different brows! this kit is incredible for artists or starting out with makeup! it’s very versatile and convenient i’m so obsessed, definitely recommend xx

  110. Brittany Melinda

    Absolutely love this product and it’s so easy to use. Also the colours were perfect for my brows and I had the tanned kit.

  111. Amanda

    The brow kit is awesome! The stencils make it so easy to get an even shape both sides and the crayon has amazing staying power! The highlight colour is also so pretty !

  112. Rachel

    Absolutely love this brow kit so much, the brow crayon is pigmented, glides easily and it’s super easy to use without feeling too waxy and the powders are the perfect shade for my brows! Also absolutely love that it comes with a retractable brow brush to use on the go!

  113. Natalie Fleming

    Absolutely Amazing brow kit love it also was such fast delivery got within 2 days of ordering thank you so much 💜💜

  114. Alyssa Panozzo

    This kit is nothing short of amazing! The powders apply so easily and beautifully and the highlight is so so stunning ! Has become my new go to for my brows & I could not be happier , I’m obsessed !

  115. Kayleigh

    Loved the highlighting shade in the palette! Absolutely perfect for the brow bone. I used the Tanned kit, plenty of variety in the shades to achieve a defined, ombré brow X

  116. Jessica harvey

    This kit is amazing! I’m such a makeup rookie with literally no skill and my brows look amazing. It’s so easy to use and such high quality product. I’m obsessed

  117. Jessie

    This is the best brow product i have used. It’s so easy, and the colours are perfect

  118. Emily

    Definitely an amazing brow kit! having 2 brow powders, concealer, highlighter and a crayon all in one is incredible and very useful! I’ve been using my brow kit for a few months now and would not turn back! such an awesome product!!

  119. whitz

    This product is so so good I particularly love the brow pencil perfect colour for me the highlight in the kit is awesome for under the brow. I can not wait to use this on my clients when I do their makeup must have for your makeup kit.

  120. Makeup By Millie

    I adore this palette to pieces. Such a great value for money as it includes everything you need to do your brows or touch them up! Two shades, three stencils, an eyebrow crayon, two mini brushes (perfect for on the go), a concealer and a highlighter. Ahhh it’s the best!💜💜💜

  121. Sarah Peart Beauty


    I absolutely adore this brow kit and consistently use my brow kit every time I sit in my makeup chair! This product is perfect for any level of makeup enthusiasts. The brow stencils make it so easy to get the perfect brow shape also!!
    It’s perfect for a natural fluffy brow but using the brow powder in combination with the concealer (to carve around the brow shape) allows for a stronger more structured brow.

  122. Tayla

    The best brand and the only brow products I ever use!! Amazing for my clients as well, great shades & applies amazing

  123. Amanda

    I absolutely love my new brow kit! It’s so versatile and compact! It includes everything you need to have perfect brows. I naturally have thin brows and the powders are so beautiful, that when I fill in and thicken my brows, they look so natural and well defined. I highly recommend this brow kit!

  124. Steph

    I’m OBSESSED with the tanned brow kit! It’s honestly changed my brow game, it’s so easy to use and would be prefect for anyone! I was so impressed with not only the brow powders but the concealer and highlighter WAS AMAZING! I really recommend!

  125. Codie

    This product was amazing!! Has everything you can think of to do your brows. Highly recommend to anyone wanting to get a brow product!

  126. Amanda @Home.bythe.sea

    I absolutely LOVE this product! Not only is it so easy to use to get the perfect eyebrow shape, but as a Makeup Artist it’s a staple in my kit now!! Definitely 5 out of 5 stars!

  127. Theadora Skoufis- MUA

    After trying this product it has changed my brow game for life! I have ditched all my other brow products and have used this kit day after day. The pencil that is included in the kit glides on the kit smoothly as well as the powders. The brow powders are flawless on the skin and could make anyones brows look AMAZING. Even the highlighter in the pallet is gorgeous. Everything included from the brow powders to the concealer , the highlighter, the brow stencils, and even the pencils are of high quality. TRUST ME once you get this kit you will never need to use any other brow products again!

  128. David

    Ok let’s get into … so as someone who has tried every eyebrow pencil , powder , gel and pomade from
    Top brands this beats them all hands down … I wish I had discovered this brand years ago … having everything I could possibly need in 1 kit saves me time and effort looking around for concealer and highlight and brushes etc … it is perfectly pigmented , the highlight is a dream and the concealer used with the mini brush gets me that defined brow I love … I can’t recommend this product enough … the next time you are needing a new brow product you MUST give this a go … you’ll never look back

  129. Narissa

    So I have just purchased the medium and light kits and I cannot tell you how much I love them!!! I wanted to be able to customise the shades as I tend to sit in between the medium and light somewhere. Anyway, the delivery was IMPECCABLE!! (Literally ordered this morning and received this afternoon) but above all that, the kits are amazing and my brow game is now ONNN!!! Thank you so much xx

  130. Jessica Rowen

    Speedy Delivery!! I ordered my brow kit at 9pm and it arrived the next day!! amazing customer service

  131. Hailey

    Honestly Amazing, so easy to use, quick and looks incredible. I have never done anything with my eyebrows and was surprised how good they looked.

    Great quality and amazing service.
    Very happy.

  132. Kayla

    This is the most amazing and easy kit ever.
    I have a little 5 month old so time in the morning is so hard to find. I don’t wear make up most days but I like to have my brows and lashes done to make me feel a little better haha. So this kit helps me do that even while holding bub.
    Highly recommended to any new mums, it’s a game changer.

  133. Stephanie

    A great compact for everything eyebrows!
    I love that it includes a pen and powder, as well as concealer and highlight – everything you need for brows in one place. Great quality product that held well.

  134. Rach

    The brow kit is amazing! Having always been challenged doing my brows, this kit is a lifesaver. It is easy to use and always makes your brows look on point! I have brought it now as iso presents to my friend and family who have all been so happy. Product shipped so quickly, which is always a plus.

  135. Tara Rosenow

    Absolutely amazing kit, and such bang for buck! Even as a beginner this kit was so easy to use, I love it, even with tattooed brows I use it every day. Highly recommend 🤘🏻

  136. Vivienne

    This kit is my go-to for brows! I love that the crayon glides on so well and the powders are just the right amount of pigment. The concealer is creamy and easy to spread and the highlight is just the perfect amount of shimmer to highlight the brow bone! Fabulous kit all in one, I highly recommend!

  137. Yorke

    has all of it.
    perfect thing for my make up kit, with such a pigmented highlighter that you can use on your face too! absolutely winning 😍😍
    100% recommend

  138. Lisa

    So easy to get a perfect brow, I 100% guarantee anyone can use this to get the best brow shape ever. Don’t bother with any other method this is the best !!

  139. Chantelle Smith

    This kit is absolutely beautiful! The powders applied extremely easily & fast, the pigment in the powders was perfect and it didn’t take me long to build bUp and get used to this kit
    Great value for money as it has everything you would need. I really love highlight shades which are absolutely stunning for brow bone highlight!

  140. Mia

    Absolutely love this brow kit has everything you need and sooooo pigmented

  141. chloe apostoloski

    honestly changed the brow game for me!! makes achieving full thick brows so effortlessly 😻my holy grail brow product!

  142. Amber

    Honestly the best and most perfect brow kit I have ever used! Each product has been made with perfection and care in mind, it’s easy to use, the brow pencil is super creamy, the concealer is amazing coverage, the powders are perfect, just an all around amazing product! My new holy grail

  143. Deanna

    What can I say! I have finally found my go to brow palette. This is brilliant. So easy too use for anyone! I highly recommend this if you struggle with shape and filling your brows in. You have everything you need in the one palette.

  144. Michelle

    Loved the colour match! Really easy to use products.

  145. Rima

    They arrived yesterday and I tried it and omg thankyou it’s just what I was looking for perfect and so easy to do! ❤️

  146. Sophie

    I LOVE this eyebrow kit! As someone who is not very skilled or confident using makeup (I’m very much a beginner) this eyebrow palette has changed my routine. I use the highlighter in the palette in multiple ways, including on my cheekbones and I use the brow powders as eyeshadow – this product is like a 3 in 1 and worth every cent. I can’t wait for new products to be released! Tatum is kind, professional and her service is impeccable, the kit arrived quickly and I love it. Thank you!

  147. Alicia

    My go-to brow products everyday. The value for the price you pay is the best part. It’s so affordable! It’s such great quality products, that hold all day and you can even use the brow highlighter to highlight your cheek bones. I sometimes use the brow powders as eyeshadow as well 😏 Seriously such great value for money!! And incredible customer service. Tatum was so nice to deal with and always replies so efficiently. Will be telling all my friends to get their hands on this 😍💕

  148. Steph

    My brows were always hideous and uneven. I was such a rookie 😂 This brow kit has everything you need to do your brows and if you’re a rookie like me and have no clue what to buy you will love this too! Watching the tutorials made it so easy to use. I honestly don’t know how I got around with my brows looking like that for so long 😂 It’s made such a difference to my face 😍

  149. Taylor

    Such an amazing product! I cant wait to add more of the kits to my collection! This is a must have eyebrow kit! I love that it comes with the tools to use as well, the concealor shade is super creamy and blends amazing. The eyebrow crayon is my favourite part of this kit it is very pigmented and just glides along the brows! Would 100% recommend purchasing this kit to anyone who hasnt got there hands on it yet!

  150. Dominique Farrelly

    SUCH an amazing product & without a doubt the best brow product I have ever used/had. Such easy application that has definitely changed my brow game for good. 100% recommend!!

  151. Emily

    The BEST brow product on the market. Very user friendly and easy to apply. My go to any day xo

  152. Ashley

    Absolutely love the products so easy to apply and The texture is amazing!

  153. Lane

    Seriously the Go To Kit!

    Absolutely love everything about this product, the stencils are fantastic as someone who could never evenly match their brows I have perfect symmetry every time

    The highlighter looks like your shimmering from the inside out and the crayon is perfect for popping in your bag on the go.

    Couldn’t recommend this eyebrow kit anymore!

  154. Bec

    The best brow kit I have used! Love the crayon! It takes only a minute to shape my brows in the morning and lasts all day x

  155. Tyla

    Amazing 😍 such good products!

  156. Teisha

    Absolutely love this product! Super handy having everything in the one kit – makes doing my brows a whole lot easier! Definitely a new fav in my makeup routine! 💖

  157. Mary McGuire

    I received your eyebrow kit yesterday and it is an absolute game changer!!!!!!! I am in love with my eyebrows now. Previously hated them!
    The kit is soooo easy to use and your video tutorials helped so much!
    Thanks for creating such an awesome little product! A must have for all women who want some brow game!! 😍

  158. Lisa

    I adore this brow kit! It has definitely become a new addition to my everyday makeup routine! This kit is the most effective way to get perfect brows with such ease! The kit comes with everything you need to ace your brow application every time. LOVE!

  159. Leah

    This kit is a game changer for brows! I thought I liked how I filled my brows beforehand… until I used the Brow Kit. The stencils are super handy and the products go on easy, are highly pigmented and all compliment each other! My brows have never looked better!

  160. Brooke King

    Brilliant customer service!! I ordered my kit at 10pm last night and I received it by 2pm today!! Bravo 👏🏼
    Can’t wait to use the product! If it as good as your customer service, I am in for a treat.

  161. Taylah Brown

    Absolutely amazing product!! I was horrible at doing my eyebrows and now they look professional all thanks to this amazing product!! Absolute game changer 😻😻😻😻

  162. Sarah McMaster MUA

    Cannot believe how EASY this kit is to use, great value for money and I will be using it on all of my clients. Will absolutely be purchasing all of the shades and the crayon is now a staple in my professional kit! Well done for creating such a user friendly affordable product! 💄

  163. Hayley

    I don’t know how I lived without this kit. I’m not very confident with my makeup but this kit makes doing my eyebrows fool proof!

  164. Emma V

    This kit saved by brows during lockdown!
    I haven’t been able to get my eyebrows done as beauticians are obviously closed due to Covid-19, so I ordered the brow technicians kit. It arrived super quickly, and couldn’t be happier with the quality. I used the template to shape/ tweeze my eyebrows (I used the concealer to ‘block out’ the hairs I needed to keep, and then pluck what was still exposed). Then I used the rest of the kit to fill in and perfect my shape. Excellent quality especially for the price.

  165. Alexia Galatas

    This kit is absolutely beautiful! The powders applied extremely easily & fast, the pigment in the powders was perfect and it didn’t take me long to build up in comparison to some other brow powders. Great value for money as it has everything you would need. The highlight shades are stunning for brow bone highlight!

  166. Peyton

    The best brow kit/product I have used! Super quick and easy to use. The stencils are amazing!! Highly recommend 🙌🏼

  167. Hayley

    I was lucky enough to win a years supply of the Brow Kit and For someone who has the lightest brows and is hopeless at doing make up these kits make it super easy, and the difference is amazing! I have already recommended it to so many friends. Incredible product that I will continue to purchase ❤️

  168. Adam Forbes

    Even as a boy, this kit helps with those dominant gaps in my brows, I highly recommend if you are just wanting a quick fix! I use the Medium kit – Tatum is also a gun at waxing my eyebrows!

  169. Jesse

    Absolutely love this brow kit.
    I could never do my brows before but with this stencil has helped so much & the brow pencil is very creamy and long lasting.
    Very happy with this product & service.

  170. Olivia

    So happy with this brow kit the packaging is stunning and then the product even better! Super quick and easy to use leaving perfect brows for the day 🥰

  171. Mel Dansie

    Amazing products for the brows, easy to apply and I also used them for eye shadow as well. Easy to travel with as you can just fit it in your bag! I am so impressed! Everyone needs this in their make up kit !!!

  172. Demi

    This Kit is an absolute life changer! I am hopeless with make up and anything beauty related but this kit is so easy to use, and it is seriously a beautiful Brow Kit! The stencils are extremely helpful, and allow you to shape your brows really nicely, the brow powder last all day and the crayon is also super easy to use! I follow Tatum on Instagram and her tutorials have made using this kit so helpful, not to mention her customer service is above and beyond! Definitely recommend the brow technicians eyebrow kit, and it’s such good value for money! Also should mention I am completely obsessed with the highlighter, it beautifully defines your brow bone when your brows are done!
    5/5 stars ⭐️

  173. Mia

    I’m hopeless when it comes to doing my brows and this is defiantly the best kit and eye brow pencil I’ve used and I’m not just saying that!! AMAZING 🥰🥰

  174. Hannah

    So easy to use. I love the brow crayon it lasts all day 😍

  175. Carli

    I’ve never really been hood at make up or brows, the brow kit has literally changed my face. The stencils make it super easy to create great shape and the concealer and highlighter helps them pop. The kit arrived at my door in 2 days!

    Super impressed and can fairly say I won’t be using anything else on my brows EVER

  176. Amanda

    Finally purchased your kit! Can’t wait to get it x

  177. Selina

    I have looked around for many DIY kits and haven’t come across one that contains everything like this one. After watching Tatum’s tutorials it made this kit really quick and easy to use. The brow powders are really pigmented and last all day. The brow crayon is really easy to use and glides easily across the skin. Great value for money.

  178. Samantha

    I never knew where to begin when it came to doing my brows. This brow kit makes it so easy containing everything I need to create them. And I haven’t spent a fortune on 5 different products. It’s such great value for money. Tatum’s tutorials are great to follow and make it easy to understand when using the kit. Now my brows are always perfect hehe x

  179. Jess

    I have been using the Eyebrow Kit for over a year now. The crayon is long lasting and stays on all day! Even after I’ve trained at the gym. It is such great value for money. I highly recommend.

  180. Phoebe

    Absolutely love the brow crayon! Works perfectly on so many of my clients with all different shades of brown/ dark blonde and it’s a gorgeous creamy consistency! Powder is great for thickening the brow subtly and concealer melts into the skin beautifully! Not to mention the highlighter is so pigmented!!! Best brow kit! Thanks

  181. Ama

    The Brow Technicians Brow Kit is an easy 5/5 . I use it every single day and it’s so easy to use!
    The packaging is sleek and makes me feel fancy lol I would 100% recommend it to everyone especially those who are just learning how to fill in their brows . The kit comes with stencils which are easy to use and gives you a natural shape!
    Love, love it !

  182. Meriah

    I absolutely love this product! Easy to use, always makes my eyebrows look great and I use the highlighter as a general cheek bone highlighter all the time! Highly recommend.

  183. Brodie

    Best and easiest eye brow kit I have used

  184. Brooklyn

    Love this brow kit! It’s super easy and quick to use x

  185. Abby

    Amazing product!
    I was never great at shaping my brows until your kit came along and now it’s so easy 👏🏼👏🏼

  186. Brooke

    Honestly where to start? I never leave reviews but I just have to when it comes to this eyebrow designer kit, I’m hopeless when it comes to filling in my brows so when I received this as a gift i was thrilled! If I can use it anyone can. I love the 3 different stencils & the step by step how to. Also my kit has lasted me so long. It’s such amazing quality & great value for money.


    This brow kit is even great for males, highly recommend!

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