Our Story

We are a company owned and operated by women who are on one mission and that is to help you discover “The Quickest Way To Perfect Brows”. We know that symmetrical eyebrows aren’t an easy task to achieve and that is why we started our quest to Change The Brow Game.

We aim to simplify your brow routine, no more wasted time in the mirror and lack of confidence due to little or no eyebrows. Our best selling product the ‘Eyebrow Designer Kit’ will help you achieve perfect brows every time with our easy to use stencils

Our products are designed for busy people who don’t have much time in the mornings.  It doesn’t matter where you are on the brow spectrum, whether you are a beginner or brow expert we ensured our products are easy to use and compact, so you can take them with you anywhere. With our step by step brow routine, we ensure you can achieve perfectly balanced eyebrows every time, in no time! 


Meet The Founder

26 year old entrepreneur, Tatum Hargraves, started her diploma in Beauty Therapy at 18 years of age. Whilst having a passion for Eyebrow Design, Tatum had a vision to change the brow game and began TBT as an Eyebrow Artist, specialising in Microblading back in 2016.

In this field Tatum discovered you could not achieve the look of perfect brows due too many factors, number one being the way the tattoo pigment healed in the skin. The vision that Tatum had, was to create an Eyebrow Designer Kit containing everything you needed, to enhance, design and perfect your brows, all in the one place at an affordable price. 

After flying overseas at 23 years of age, meeting with manufacturers, Tatum’s vision was then bought to life. The Eyebrow Designer Kit has quickly become Australia’s most sought after Eyebrow Kit. The Brow Technicians are now retailed in over 15 retail outlets one of which being one of Australia’s largest and most visited tourist destinations, Crown Casino Melbourne. What began as a young girl with a vision and passion to change the brow industry, has now turned into leading a team of over 20 people.