Brow Essentials Bundle

The brow essentials bundle includes all your must-have’s for your makeup bag. Create perfectly arched, symmetrical eyebrows using the all-in-one Eyebrow Designer Kit and set your brows into place using ‘Brow Proof’ Australia’s FIRST 24-hour brow hold. Pair these two products together or use them separately to alternate your brow looks + you’ll receive a gift from us! We will add a free set of eyebrow razors inclusive of your order so you can shape and maintain your brows from home.

Instrumental test with 20 makeup artists*  100% said this eyebrow kit gave them symmetrical eyebrows. 100% said brow proof is the strongest brow hold they have used.

Brow Proof 24 Hour Brow Hold With Lamination Effect

Achieve the laminated brow look in seconds. This water-activated miracle brow hold is designed to create texture and fullness to your eyebrows giving you that fluffy, thick, laminated brow look. Transparent in colour when applied and curated with a hole in the center of the glue, this innovative design allows you to insert and swirl your spoolie making it easier to coat and provide a more effective and long lasting application.

Instrumental testing with 20 makeup artists* – 100% said it is the strongest brow hold they have used.

Brow Wow Waterproof Pencil

The all-in-one waterproof retractable eyebrow pencil. Voted as one of the best pencils ever used. A custom, non-sharpen angled-tip with a quick and easy glide-on application. Outline, define and fill in sparse areas. Blend with custom-built spoolie for a natural brow finish. 

Key benefits: waterproof, smudge proof, long-lasting, all skin types, matte finish, vegan, cruelty free 

Instrumental testing with 20 makeup artists* – 100% said this brow pencil stayed on all day without smudging or the need to reapply

All-In-One Brow Kit Beginner & Brow Experts

The all-in-one Eyebrow Designer Kit. Whether you are a beginner or brow expert this kit is a staple in everyone’s makeup bag. If you struggle with the shape of your brows and don’t know where to begin this brow kit will be your new go-to. With everything compact and all in the one place it takes the guess work out of it. All the compact products are versatile and can be used on any area of the face. Bang for buck! Tips: use the highlighter on your cheek bones and the powders as eyeshadows! #valueformoney